Layout Construction

Here are a few pictures I took during the construction of my layout. I used an open frame approach to be able to get to the hidden tracks for maintenance and in case of accidents. The scenery was mainly constructed with wood, styrofoam, wire mesh, paper mache and plaster cloth. The bridges are built from scratch, using parts from various kits where possible. All the buildings and most of the trees are made from kits. The water in the river is Woodland Scenic's "Realistic Water" which is pretty easy to work with and gives good results.
These pictures show the open frame construction and the mainline tracks. You can also see the hidden yard.
Here I have begun to construct the bridges and to built the base of the scenery. You can see the heavy use of plaster cloth...
The big bridge nearly finished and the construction of the farm. You can also see the little river under the bridge.
Construction of the vineyard and the final result.....


Panorama of Layout