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Live Steam in HO scale? Yes, it actually works quite well...
I am fascinated by steam locomotives and I always wanted a live steam loco since I was kid. Unfortunately I never had the space or the money for one of the bigger live steam trains that are available. Then about 5 years ago I found a German company (Hielscher-Dampfmodelle) that makes live steam locomotives in HO. This was the solution to my space problem, so I decided give one of those little engines a try. It runs on distilled water and denatured alcohol and pulls one or two little cars for about 3 minutes. It is fairly easy to use and fun to watch, but of course it can be dangerous as well and it is definitely not a toy for kids! I usually put some track on a tile floor, away from any flammable items, to run it. Just in case....
Below are some pictures of the train, including the steam up process and a short video that shows the steam loco in action.
This is the loco, a little 0-4-0.
A look inside. You can see the oscillating steam engine that powers the locomotive via a gear box.
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