"Pennsylvania 1935"

A model train diorama

The goal of "Pennsylvania 1935" was to built a museum quality diorama that, even though the scene is fictional, is correct in all the historical details. Displayed is a scene somewhere in Pennsylvania in 1935, next to a double-track mainline of the Pennsylvania Railroad. The house alongside the tracks belongs to the railway company, where one of their employees lives with his family. The kids are playing in the backyard and the dog is sleeping in front of the house. Even though the scene is fictitious, it certainly could have happened like this back in 1935. The diorama is built as a display, but it could easily be integrated into a larger layout.

Would you like to own "Pennsylvania 1935"? Or a different museum quality diorama built according to your ideas? Wolfiestrains can make it happen. Contact us for details or if you have any questions.

Panorama of Layout