Steamtown USA - Photos

The photos on this page are from a trip to "Steamtown USA" in Scranton Pennsylvania in October of 2004. I visited the museum and took the steam excursion from Scranton to Tobyhanna. The museum has a roundhouse, a working turntable and repair shops. At the time of my visit PRR's K4 #1361 was being worked on there, in the process to restore it to working order. It is also the home of Union Pacific's "Big Boy" #4012. The Big Boys were the biggest steam locomotives ever built in the world and standing next to one of those giants is quite an experience...










Big Boy #4012
Big Boy Locomotive
Big Boy Wheels
A size comparison. Notice how the top of my head is still below the firebox of the Big Boy - and I am 6 feet tall!





K4 #1361 in the repairshop.



CN #3254 steamed up in the roundhouse.
CN #3254 on the turntable.
CN #3254 getting ready to pull the excursion train to Tobyhanna.
CN #3254 and CP #2317 steaming in the yard.
On the way to Tobyhanna....




























Various pictures of rolling stock in the museum and in the yard outside: