Live Steam in HO

Live Steam in HO scale? Yes, it actually works quite well... I am fascinated by steam locomotives and I always wanted a live steam loco since I was kid. Unfortunately I never had the space or the money for one of the bigger live steam trains that are available. Then about 5 years ago I found a German company (Hielscher-Dampfmodelle) that makes live steam locomotives in HO. This was the solution to my space problem, so I decided give one of those little engines a try. It runs on distilled water and denatured alcohol and pulls one or two little cars for about 3 minutes. It is fairly easy to use and fun to watch, but of course it can be dangerous as well and it is definitely not a toy for kids! I usually put some track on a tile floor, away from any flammable items, to run it. Just in case....
Below are some pictures of the train, including the steam up process and two videos that show the steam loco in action.

Hielscher HO Live Steam HO Live Steam Loco
This is the loco, a little 0-4-0. A look inside. You can see the oscillating steam engine that powers the locomotive via a gear box.

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